“Drink Different”

Drink Different” is a compelling slogan that encapsulates a call to action, an ethos, and a promise, all in two succinct words. Let’s dissect this phrase to better understand its depth and potential impact in a professional context:

Call to Action:

Drink” is an explicit verb, encouraging an immediate and clear action from the consumer. This straightforward command directly appeals to the most basic and universal of human needs – hydration, while also touching upon daily habits and routines. By using this word, the slogan connects with a habitual and essential act, subtly suggesting that the action of drinking can be seamlessly integrated or substituted with their product or idea.


Different” implies a departure from the norm or status quo. Here, it’s positioned as an adjective, suggesting a unique, alternative option to what’s currently available or traditionally done. The word invites curiosity and interest, urging consumers to explore what sets the brand or product apart from others. It speaks to those who seek alternative choices, implicitly suggesting innovation, uniqueness, or an alternative approach in the offered beverages.

Combined Messaging:

“Drink Different” blends these two concepts into a potent message:

  • It aligns with a philosophical stance, suggesting that the act of choosing this brand is not just a personal choice but a stand against the ordinary or conventional. It invites consumers to be a part of something that deviates from the norm, aligning with uniqueness and innovation.

  • It implies a healthier or superior alternative, especially if the brand is tied to healthier, eco-friendly, or ethical choices. The word “Different” can suggest a myriad of positive alternatives, such as better ingredients, ethical sourcing, innovative flavors, or healthier options, without being explicitly stated.

  • It becomes a lifestyle choice, where drinking differently is not only about the beverage but about embracing a different attitude towards consumption, lifestyle, and potentially, wider life choices.

  • It encapsulates a movement, particularly if the brand seeks to revolutionize or disrupt the beverage industry with novel products, ethical practices, or new consumer experiences. It encourages consumers to be part of this transformative journey by choosing to “Drink Different”.


Drink Different” is not merely a slogan but a miniature story, telling of a brand that offers more than just a beverage. It is a different choice — presumably healthier, ethical, unique, and innovative. It promises an alternative to the conventional, providing a tangible way (through the act of drinking) for consumers to be part of a unique, perhaps revolutionary, movement. It’s a smart, succinct way to communicate a potentially deep and multilayered message, aligning a simple daily act with a broader, value-driven lifestyle choice.

This slogan aims to attract consumers who seek meaningful, conscious consumption, aligning their purchasing choices with their values and desires for alternative, potentially healthier, and innovative options in the beverage market. The challenge, as well as the opportunity, for the brand lies in continually fulfilling and redefining what it means to ‘Drink Different’ through every product, campaign, and consumer interaction.

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