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A Beverage Odyssey: Elixirs That Echo Tradition and Heart

From the whispers of 2015, our journey with WHISKY.MY and WINE.MY began. Ever since, our bond with beverages has been a tale of passion and discernment. As time progressed, our palate matured, enabling us to savor and celebrate the most nuanced symphonies of flavors

In the quiet corner of a modest cafe, destiny introduced us to a revelation: a sparkling non-alcoholic tea. It wasn’t just its taste that enthralled us, but its very soul – a quintessence of purity, quality, and enduring charm.

Within the vibrant tapestry of Malaysia, a land resonant with diverse cultural narratives and a ...

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Our Purpose Statement

“Nourishing communities with honest and minimally processed beverages.”

See #DrinkDifferent


Our Vision

We are more than just a beverage company; we are the heartbeat of a movement. Through the #DrinkDifferent initiative, we dream of reshaping the world of beverages, emphasizing health and conscious decisions in every sip.

We champion those who dare to choose differently, understanding that each choice has its story.


Our Mission

At DRINKS.MY, our mission transcends the boundaries of mere flavor profiles. We are on a quest to provide unparalleled ranges of premium beverages that resonate with one’s life choices.

We amplify voices, ensuring they’re not just heard but celebrated.


Our Values

Sip to Health: Each #DrinkDifferent isn’t just refreshment—it’s a passport to a healthier you and a rejuvenated community.

Trust in Every Drop: Our beverages echo our pledge: Pure, honest, and made with unwavering dedication.

All Are Celebrated: #DrinkDifferent champions diversity. We don’t just accept—we recognize, honor, and toast to every individual.


Our Approach

With the trust and understanding you’ve endowed upon us, we are committed to hand-picking beverages that speak volumes of their quality.

Every partnership we foster reflects our passion for curating only the best. Beyond the bottle, our influence ripples, altering how establishments approach their drink menu, ensuring everyone finds their perfect match.


Our Future

Our curated beverages are not just about today but about painting a healthier tomorrow.

With an ethos firmly rooted in continuous growth and exploration, we aim to enrich our community’s journey with every new flavor and discovery.

Pioneering in our approach, our mission of sustainability and giving back to society remains paramount. Together, we explore, savor, and create the beverage world’s future.


Our Sustainbility Strategy

For us, sustainability is not an afterthought; it’s interwoven into our DNA. Our innovative packaging solutions are a testament to our eco-conscious spirit.

While we pride ourselves on the leaps we’ve taken, our ears are always open to your suggestions, forever striving for a greener tomorrow.


Our Team

A blend of passion, expertise, and warmth, our team is the backbone of DRINKS.MY.

Every query, every need, every flavor preference – we’re here, eager to guide and celebrate your beverage journey.

Let us make every sip an experience to remember.


Our Community

Dive into the world of DRINKS.MY, where we shatter conventions and champion health, choice, and elegance.

As part of our community, you’re privy to the latest in beverage elegance and innovation.

Subscribe, engage, and join hands as we toast to a new era of conscious drinking.

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