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Halal, deriving from the Arabic term for ‘lawful,’ signifies products that align with the precepts of Islamic jurisprudence.

Products that earn Halal certification are scrutinized to ensure they originate from sources sanctioned by Islamic doctrine, are untainted by harmful substances, and undergo rigorous monitoring to uphold compliance with the tenets of Islamic law.

Embark on a journey through our exclusive collection of halal-certified beverages, each one proudly bearing its seal of certification from its country of origin. We have meticulously selected each offering to ensure it meets our unwavering standards for exceptional quality, ensuring a distinguished experience with every sip.

Our halal-certified range is deliberately crafted to contain 0.0% alcohol by volume, exemplifying our commitment to purity and adherence to authentic halal standards. This dedication to a zero-alcohol policy rigorously excludes any beverage that exceeds the globally recognized non-alcoholic threshold of less than 0.5% ABV.

To uphold these stringent halal standards, our beverages are subject to consistent and comprehensive inspections. The result is a collection of halal beverages that are not only completely alcohol-free but also represent the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship in the beverage industry.

With DRINKS.MY, you can indulge in the luxury of premium beverages, confident in the knowledge that every bottle is an embodiment of our dedication to halal principles and the highest quality standards.

Our collection predominantly features Halal beverages, each carefully selected for its compliance with the strictest Halal standards.

Our commitment is to provide only alcohol-free or de-alcoholized beverages, rigorously maintaining a 0.0% alcohol by volume (ABV) to ensure no alcohol content.

We surpass the industry’s standard definition of non-alcoholic beverages, which allows for up to 0.5% ABV, by committing to a more stringent threshold.

For each of our beverages certified as Halal, we proudly display the Halal certificate, attesting to its authentication in its country of origin, thereby reaffirming our dedication to these quality and purity standards.

We maintain rigorous quality control measures to ensure the Halal compliance of our beverages.

Our products are regularly audited to guarantee that they meet the specific requirements for Halal 0.0% beverages.

Additionally, most of our beverages have obtained Halal Certification, further confirming their compliance with Halal standards.

Premium ingredients are harvested, then processed and subjected to a traditional preparation method. The duration of this process is carefully determined by the beverage makers to develop the desired flavor profile.

Following this phase, the beverages are processed through a filtration system. Several methods are employed for this crucial step, with the three primary ones being Reverse Osmosis, Vacuum Distillation, and Spinning Column—each designed to effectively remove any alcohol content from the beverage.

With the aid of advanced computer systems and stringent testing protocols, it is ensured that the beverages reach an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 0.0%. These steps are meticulously monitored in accordance with legal standards and by International Islamic Councils to certify that the beverages are completely free of alcohol.

Once the filtration is complete, the beverages, now with 0.0% alcohol, are ready for bottling and subsequent distribution worldwide.

For more details on the process of producing 0.0% alcohol beverages, one is encouraged to visit our dedicated “Process for 0.0%” information page.

Non-alcoholic beverages are differentiated from grape juice by their production process, taste profile, and the specific grape varieties employed.

While grape juice is typically produced from concentrate, incorporating added sugars and preservatives, and is then pasteurized, non-alcoholic beverages undergo a far more intricate process. Sourced from esteemed regions across Spain, France, and Italy, these beverages are crafted through traditional methods of fermentation, aged to develop depth of flavor, precisely filtered, and subjected to strict quality control, without the reliance on added sugars or extensive preservatives.

Nutritionally, there is a stark contrast between grape juice and non-alcoholic beverages. Grape juice often carries upwards of 120 calories, more than 30 grams of carbohydrates, and an equivalent measure of sugar per serving. Non-alcoholic beverages, by comparison, generally present with over 12 calories, upward of 3.5 grams of carbohydrates, and a similar quantity of sugar per serving.

The aging process in beverage production imparts distinctive notes and complexity to non-alcoholic beverages, distinguishing them from the simpler profiles of grape juice. As such, non-alcoholic beverages offer a sophisticated tasting experience, reflective of traditional wine but without the alcohol content, therefore standing apart from mere juice.

The crafting of our non-alcoholic beverages is an endeavor predominantly centered in the heart of Europe’s most celebrated beverage-making regions, including France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Our curation involves an alliance with distinguished producers, renowned for their mastery and innovative techniques in the realm of non-alcoholic beverage production, ensuring an array of exquisite alcohol-free alternatives.

In response to the escalating demand for non-alcoholic options, our portfolio is in a constant state of evolution and expansion. We are dedicated to enriching our collection by sourcing and presenting the finest 0.0% ABV beverages from esteemed producing areas across the globe.

For optimal preservation of our beverages, we recommend storing them in a location that is cool and dry, with the temperature maintained below 70°F (21°C).

Once a bottle is opened, it should be resealed with care and stored in the refrigerator. To ensure the beverage retains its intended flavor and quality, we suggest consuming it within three to five days after opening.

Unopened bottles of our beverages have an approximate shelf life of three years, offering the flexibility to enjoy them at your convenience.

We recommend following the 4 steps of beverage tasting for an enhanced experience. It is important to note that all products should be slightly chilled for the best taste.

Step 1: Sight

Hold your glass up to the light, preferably against a white background. Observe and describe the color of the beverage. For lighter varieties, the color can range from nearly transparent to light yellow to rich gold. Darker beverages can vary from pink to purple to nearly black.

Step 2: Swirl

Gently swirl the beverage in your glass to allow more oxygen to interact with it. This action helps release the beverage’s aromas and flavors. However, it is important to note that sparkling varieties should not be swirled.

Step 3: Smell

Take a bold approach to smelling the beverage. Close your eyes and bring your nose close to the glass. Take note of the aromas and scents you perceive. This step allows you to explore the beverage’s fragrance and bouquet.

Step 4: Sip

Take a moderate-sized sip of the beverage. Avoid swallowing immediately. Instead, purse your lips and gently roll the beverage around in your mouth. If desired, you can also draw in some air across your tongue to further enhance the flavors.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Sit back, relax, and savor the beverage. Appreciate the unique characteristics, flavors, and complexities it offers. Enjoy the moment and the pleasure that comes with experiencing a well-crafted beverage.

By following these steps, you can enhance your beverage-tasting experience and fully appreciate the nuances of the drink you are enjoying.

Our selection of beverages is thoughtfully crafted to suit all preferences, with each product guaranteed to contain no more than 0.0% alcohol. Our alcohol-free offerings are ideal for those who choose not to consume alcohol, health-conscious individuals, family gatherings, and expectant mothers, ensuring a stress-free experience for consumers of all ages.

However, if there are any specific health concerns or questions, we recommend consulting with a medical doctor or healthcare practitioner for advice tailored to your personal health needs.

Expectant mothers are often advised to be cautious with their dietary and beverage choices. While non-alcoholic beverages are generally deemed safe, it is vital for pregnant women to consult with their healthcare provider before making any changes to their diet.

It’s noteworthy that the Surgeon General does not require pregnancy warnings for beverages that contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Our range of non-alcoholic beverages, which are certified to have 0.0% ABV, provides an additional level of reassurance for those who opt for these drinks.

The choice to consume our non-alcoholic beverages during pregnancy is a personal one and should be made after thorough consideration of individual health circumstances and following consultation with a healthcare provider.

Our assortment of beverages is inclusively crafted to cater to everyone, including those abstaining from alcohol for health reasons, expectant mothers, or those planning events for guests of all ages. We ensure a 0.0% alcohol content across our product line, allowing our patrons to enjoy these beverages with peace of mind.

If there are any specific health concerns or if detailed advice is needed, we strongly recommend seeking the guidance of a doctor or a certified healthcare professional to receive recommendations tailored to one’s unique health requirements.

It’s important to recognize that trace amounts of alcohol (ethanol) naturally occur in various fruits, fruit juices, and certain bread types, often less than 0.5%. These small levels typically do not cause intoxication, even if consumed in significant quantities.

With our non-alcoholic beverage selections, we guarantee a 0.0% alcohol by volume (ABV), with no exceptions. Legally, a product labeled as 0.0% ABV can contain up to 0.09% alcohol, but our stringent standards ensure our beverages are entirely alcohol-free.

However, when evaluating non-alcoholic options from other sources, it’s crucial to read labels carefully, as some may contain up to 0.5% ABV and still be marketed as non-alcoholic.

We are dedicated to providing beverages that are confirmed to be at 0.0% ABV, offering you assurance and eliminating the need for label scrutiny on any of our products.

No. Consumption of our non-alcoholic 0.0% beverages cannot lead to intoxication or inebriation, as these beverages are completely devoid of alcohol. They are crafted to ensure that the effects typically associated with alcohol consumption are not present, guaranteeing a non-intoxicating experience.

Our beverages are crafted with health-conscious consumers in mind; by eliminating alcohol, we ensure that our offerings are both low in calories and sugar, supporting a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste.

Our selection stands out for its reduced caloric and sugar content, especially when contrasted with conventional alcoholic drinks and other non-alcoholic alternatives that may not prioritize health. Each serving from our range of beverages contains less than 75 calories, aligning with a mindful approach to dietary intake.

All our offerings are assured to have an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 0.0%. Furthermore, the majority of our products proudly carry Halal certification from globally recognized certifying bodies.

We exclusively retail beverages that are completely alcohol-free and do not stock any that are categorized as “low alcohol” or that contain up to 0.5% alcohol.

Our commitment is to exclusively provide purely non-alcoholic options, serving as a definitive choice for those seeking 0.0% ABV products.

Indeed, we provide wholesale options to a variety of businesses including restaurants, lounges, and cafes. Additionally, we present attractive volume discounts for those purchasing our beverages for special events.

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We offer multiple payment options to ensure a convenient and seamless checkout experience. The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: We accept major credit and debit cards, allowing you to securely make payments using your preferred card.

  • Major Malaysia Banking: You can also make payment through major Malaysia banking channels. We provide a range of options to accommodate different banking preferences.

  • E-Wallet: For added convenience, we accept payment through various e-wallet platforms. You can utilize popular e-wallet services to complete your transaction effortlessly.

By offering these diverse payment methods, we aim to provide flexibility and cater to our customers’ preferences.

If you have any further questions or require additional information regarding payment, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you with your payment process.

Our commitment to delivering your orders throughout Malaysia is unwavering, with each package handled meticulously to ensure its safe and secure arrival.

Here is a detailed outline of our delivery protocols:

    We utilize premium protective packaging materials for dispatching each order.
    Special care is dedicated to the secure transportation of heavy and fragile glass bottles.
    Protective wrapping is strategically applied in multiple layers for added security.
    Advanced air-inflated packaging is employed to provide superior protection against potential impacts.

Delivery Charges:

The delivery fees are determined based on the destination, with differing rates for Peninsular (West) Malaysia and for Sabah & Sarawak (East) Malaysia.

Delivery Timelines:

Our delivery timelines are a testament to our commitment to prompt and efficient service. Delivery duration is contingent upon your location within Malaysia:

  • For Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia), orders are typically delivered within 1 to 5 working days.
  • For Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia), the delivery can be expected between 4 to 7 working days.

Rest assured that every effort is made to ensure your orders arrive as swiftly as possible.

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Nourishing communities with honest, minimally processed beverages.

At DRINKS.MY, our mission transcends the conventional beverage offerings—we are dedicated to enriching communities with genuine, minimally processed beverages that provide a mindful alternative to alcohol.

Anchored in a culture driven by exploration and curiosity, we understand the impact our environment has on our choices. In a world frequently inclined toward alcoholic beverages, DRINKS.MY emerges as a champion for variety and choice. Our #DrinkDifferent campaign caters to those yearning for options beyond the standard fare of water, tea, soda, or juice.

The elegance traditionally associated with wine comes from its ability to enhance a meal, offering a complexity of flavor that’s highly valued in social settings. At DRINKS.MY, we capture this elegance without resorting to alcohol. Our selection of non-alcoholic beverages echoes the intricate flavor profiles of traditional wines, enriching your culinary experience while prioritizing your well-being.

Our commitment is profound—it’s not just about providing choices; it’s about being a partner on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Our non-alcoholic offerings are designed not just to counter the dominance of sugary drinks but also to deliver benefits that contribute to heart health and mental clarity.

DRINKS.MY represents more than a mere selection; it embodies a movement towards a way of life that aligns with your personal values, whether they stem from religious principles, a focus on wellness, or the desire for an alcohol-free existence. We are here to facilitate and nurture a non-alcoholic way of life, ensuring each step is a leap toward a more conscious and empowering future.

Embark with us on a journey towards a tomorrow where every drink reflects a commitment to health, awareness, and a zest for life—not constrained by alcohol, yet abundant in choice and taste.

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