Drinks.my is dedicated to ensuring customers receive their beverage orders in pristine condition. If you encounter damaged, wrong, or lost goods, promptly contact our Beverage Customer Service team. We’re committed to addressing discrepancies efficiently, offering replacements or refunds where necessary. Proper documentation, such as photos, may be requested to aid resolution.


Peninsular (West Malaysia)

If your delivery clearly exhibits damage or leakage upon arrival, please decline the parcel. Instruct the courier to return the affected beverages to us.

Sabah & Sarawak (East Malaysia)

Should your delivery visibly display signs of damage or leakage, accept the package, then promptly contact us to report the affected product(s). Please retain all items until we provide further instructions regarding their disposition.


We’re committed to ensuring our customers receive their beverage orders in impeccable condition.

If you suspect an item in your order is faulty or damaged, it’s imperative you contact us immediately. Our goal is to swiftly address and rectify such issues, but we rely on your prompt notification to assist effectively.

Delivery Details:

  • Decanter stoppers and other smaller accessories might be packed individually for protection.
  • Bottles accompanied by wooden presentation boxes might be packed separately from the boxes within your shipment.
  • Heavier packaging could be dispatched in distinct parcels.

If, unfortunately, you encounter any damage:

  1. Contact us, providing a comprehensive description of the issue.
  2. We may request photographs illustrating the damage, inclusive of all packaging. This is crucial for insurance documentation.
  3. Particularly for damaged bottles, we require a clear picture confirming the seal remains unbroken.
  4. Until we provide further instructions, please preserve the product, its box, and all associated packaging.


Should you receive an item in your order that doesn’t match your purchase, please immediately contact us at +604 228 6899 or, if calling internationally, +017 9876 338

Our Beverage Customer Service team is available Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm GMT+8, and stands ready to assist you.


In the rare occurrence that your beverage order goes astray, Drinks.my commits to dispatching a replacement to you, provided it’s available.

Should there be any inconsistencies with your order’s contents, please promptly notify our Beverage Customer Service team at +604 228 6899 or for international callers, +6017 9876 338. Our team is at your service Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm GMT+8.

If a replacement isn’t feasible due to the beverage being discontinued or the original being a unique selection, we will refund the full cost of the item. Please note, additional compensation beyond the item’s value will not be provided.